A Radioactive Decay Calculator

Standard Features:

  • half lives for 116 commonly used isotopes
  • two variations of the radioactive decay equation
  • an additional equation for timed solid waste disposal of short-lived isotopes
  • unit converter - Becquerel to Curie and vice versa
  • time calculators - number of days between two dates, and date plus number of days
  • help files


Free Download
Free Download

Available versions:

Bookmark the version of your choice, or download the calculator and set it up on your own computer or web site.

  •   Canadian Version: comes in two colour schemes (blue & red) or (grayscale) and includes selected Canadian regulatory values for ALI, exemption quantities, wipe test, and disposal limits
  •   Generic Version: comes in two colour schemes (blue & red) or (grayscale), but does not include regulatory values


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